Affordable , energy efficient high speed nearline storage

If your content is outgrowing your archive, if you're concerned about securely replicating your primary data, Echo 36 is the solution. It's massive, safe, fast and flexible.

Suitable for broadcasters, large post houses and dedicated media archives that have 24/7 data requirements.

Key Features

How Echo 36 can help you

Massive tier 2 storage is becoming a vital resource for media organizations that see their primary archive as the heart of their facility. The nearline is treated as the exchange hub where files are imported, backed up, shared, transferred to specialist editing, grading and playout servers, and transcoded for distribution.

Benefiting from economies of scale, Echo 36 is capable of storing vast amounts of data and is massively scalable. Suitable for broadcasters, large post houses and dedicated media archives that have 24/7 data requirements.

Capacity Expansion

Echo products offer large unit sizes throughout the range, none more so than with the Echo 36 platform with single units offering up to 256TB and total storage expansion available up to 6.1 PB (Petabytes).

Echo EX 36 SAS expansion units can be connected to the Echo 36 platform to grow the storage dramatically. Unit sizes ranging from 32 TB to 256TB can be added quickly and without interruption.

Different capacity units can be mixed and a single volume can grow as your needs require. Data stays in place while dramatic re-sizing can be achieved instantly, eliminating costly down time.

Cloak DR

Unique GB Labs technology is available on the Echo 36 platform, an automatic failover technology for high availability. The unit can be linked to another Echo 36 on the network (using 10GbE or 40GbE) and present a single virtualized IP address, whilst channeling new data to both units simultaneously and maintaining its ultrafast read performance. For highly resilient deployments switches and clients can also be channel bonded for no single point of failure.

Echo 36 can therefore suffer complete failure or even removal without serious issue as the secondary system will go live within 10 seconds and any incoming new data will be held and then safely written after failover has occurred.


  • Unit Dimensioins H13.2, W43.7, D64.8cm
  • Package one weight (inc packaging) 41Kg
  • Dimensions of package one (inc packaging) 100x68x37cm
  • Additional two packages weight (inc packaging) 2x 15Kg
  • Dimensions of additional packages (inc packaging) 2x 43x28x33cm
  • Input Range 100 - 240 VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Power Requirements @ Standby 33W Requirements @ Full load 570W
  • PSU Safety / EMC - USA-UL listed. Canada-CUL listed, Germany-TUV Certified, EN60950/IEC 60950-Compliant, CB Report, CCC Certification 80 PLUS gold certified
  • Operating Temperature Range 10 - 35C
  • Non Operating range -40 - 70C
  • Operating Humidity Range 8 -90% non-condensing
  • Non Operating Humidity Range 5 - 95% non-condensing
  • 4U rack mount form factor (round and square Rack mounts included)
  • 34 ‘hot swap’ high performance 3.5” enterprise class drive units + 2 x SSD OS Drives
  • RAID 6 operation for ultimate data protection
  • Dual redundant 1400W removable PSUs
  • Supports any mix of Windows, Mac and Linux clients
  • No user licensing costs
  • No client software to install
  • Complete with SPACE Echo data replication
  • Easy to administer
  • Expandable capacity and performance using SPACE EX SAS expansion and additional Space controllers
  • Available with 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, 6TB and 8TB disks
  • Available in 32TB, 64TB, 96TB, 128TB, 192TB and 256TB variations
  • 2 off 1G Ethernet (GbE) ports and 1 x 10Gbe SFP+  
  • Optional 40GbE
  • 1 off IPMI Ethernet port for hardware monitoring
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