Data bottle necks and system slow downs are big issues with many storage installations, interrupting the creative flow and causing editors immense irritation. When deadlines are approaching, sustaining the speed of the file server is of paramount importance. The read / write speeds that GB Labs storage achieves is incredible. Optimized for media content, it sustains the highest levels of performance whether handling large or small files and serving one or many users.

In-house development of the hardware and the operating system has delivered central network solutions that are at the absolute cutting edge of technology. For the ultimate performance, new SSD models attain massive and sustained data throughput that can support dozens of concurrent full HD users, multiple 4K DPX editors or the most demanding rendering applications.

GB Labs utilizes an open standard file system and network architecture to ensure that its systems are easy to install, upgrade and maintain. The resident OS enables system administration over any IP network - local or remote - and is programmed to be fast and intuitive.

As we develop it ourselves, exclusively for our own hardware, system reliability is exceptionally high. Plus, with no client drivers or licences, support for crossplatform environments, the ongoing cost of ownership is very low. immediately benefit from very fast data rates and plug-and-play connectivity.

Our customers’ storage needs are growing massively. Increasing the capacity of a traditional SAN is expensive and can be technically complex. Expanding SPACE and ECHO systems is simply a matter of adding EX units – low-cost, high performance modules that are connected in seconds. These instantly extend your volumes massively with no need to manually re-configure systems.

GB Labs offers central storage systems for all sizes of workgroup from 2 to 100+users. At any time, additional Tier 0, Tier 1, Tier 2 or tape storage systems can be added by simply connecting units to your Ethernet network.

With fast 1-Gbe, 10-Gbe, 25-Gbe, 40Gbe or 100-Gbe connectivity and standard IP protocols, users immediately benifit from very fast data rates and plug-and-play connectivity.

Included* with our systems is a surprisingly powerful set of software tools with advanced functionality for data synchronization, media back-up, content archiving, asset tracking, logging and retrieval.

Third party integration: as a system that supports open standard file structures, the SPACE platform is compatible with all media formats as well as projects created by leading editing, effects and 3D applications. Its open architecture also makes it the perfect companion to media asset management solutions, transcoding farms and animation rendering systems.

*Software functionality varies according to device type

As a result of our 5 golden rules, gone are the notorious complex and unstable installation routines and unpredictable data rates. Tested relentlessly real-world environments and designed for fast expansion SPACE is the epitome of speed, stability and ease of use.